Reverso Boat of the Year 2018 !

Reverso AIR boat of the year 2018.jpeg

C'est officiel, Reverso fait son entrée aux USA de la plus belle manière en remportant le "boat of the year 2018" 

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Reverso AIR

From a technical perspective, key features of this year’s Annapolis sailboat show were the increasingly widespread adoption of a couple of technologies that are changing the traditional relationships between boat owners and their engines and electrical systems.

First, we have high-pressure common-rail injection systems, seen on numerous Yanmar engines below 100hp and on the engines from all manufacturers above 100hp. These engines operate at astonishingly high injection pressures—typically around 30,000 psi. The technology brings with it a number of advantages in terms of emissions reduction, efficiency and smooth engine operation; although it also requires fanatical attention to fuel cleanliness on the part of crews and places a sophisticated electronic control unit, which is totally off limits to the boat’s owner, at the heart of the system.

Second, we have the increasingly widespread adoption of distributed power systems for electrical distribution, primarily from CZone. We are definitely at a tipping point in terms of the acceptance of these systems, which have tremendous display and diagnostic capabilities while imposing a radical shift in the relationship between sailors and their electrical systems.

Beyond that, it was encouraging to see the generally high standards of installations. In order to survive during the recession, many boatbuilders were forced to lay off skilled workers. Following the recession, some builders clearly took on poorly trained technicians, and there was a noticeable slippage in standards. Taken as a whole, the 2017 boats exhibited the highest level of installation standards seen for some time.

So, what’s our systems winner? Well, none of the above. Instead, the award goes to the Reverso AIR nesting dinghy, with its unique mechanical arrangement for disassembly into a stack of components small enough to fit into the back of a compact SUV. Once on-site, the French-built Reverso (distributed in the United States by Red Beard Sailing) can be easily assembled in just a few minutes—no need for a trailer or launch ramp—the build quality is outstanding and the fully assembled hull is rock-solid under sail, thanks to a clever tensioning system that keeps things from falling apart. (During a boisterous test sail, the hull proved as rigid and reliable as any structure made from solid glass.) Best of all, the Reverso is a hell of a lot of fun to sail, with speed to burn, thanks to its powerful square-top rig. Be warned though, that sexy tumblehome bow also makes for a fairly wet boat—although with this kind of sailing, that’s typically all just part of the fun.